A letter to Creative Commons, Part 1

Dear Creative Commons,

I’m writing to you to tell you how much I admire you and your work.  I heard about you for the first time from Jabiz Raisdana at the Learning 2.012 Conference in Beijing.  I love the idea of everyone’s creativity being shared and ‘piggybacked’ on by others.  Like the ripples of some endless sea of collaboration.  Really, kudos to this.

But CC, (can I call you CeeCee?) I’m having some conflicting thoughts about this sharing and collaboration system.  I value creativity greatly, mainly because I’m not very creative myself and I admire people who are.  I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by creative minds, some are family members, others colleagues, and of course, students of all ages.   I’m usually not the one creating, but the one being inspired or prompted by others’ creativity.  And from that creativity, I have had some success… Because of what someone else has created that inspired me.  So here’s the thing: I. Feel. Bad.  And it’s not that I’m not giving others credit, I just think they deserve more than just that.  Should I feel this way? Do you have any advice for me to appease my conflicting thoughts? I really hope you do 🙂

Anyway CC, I’ve been asked by COETAIL to think and reflect on you, and use you as well.  I’m learning how to embed pictures and Jeff, our fearless leader, is adding a CC license on our blog.  Or wait, maybe I’m supposed to do that…?  Still wrapping my head around course 2.  I’ll get there.  But your thoughts would be greatly appreciated CC! And I really hope that as I explore, well, you, during this course; that it helps me understand you better and my admiration for you is only reinforced!!

Ceci (Seh-See) Gomez-Galvez
Teacher & COETAILer


Does Twitter Count?

As I was going over my COETAIL assignments, I realized I was missing one!  Oops!  This reflection is all about collaborative online projects.  I struggled with this since there are so many out there, yet, none of them I’m currently collaborating on.  Not just that, the amount of choice overwhelmed me a bit and I couldn’t think of which one to reach out to for collaboration.  While opening an array of tabs with different projects, I kept on checking back to my Tweetdeck, posting new tweets, responding to tweets, retweeting, adding links, hashtagging… And then it hit me… Aren’t I participating in a collaborative  online project? Isn’t Twitter the ultimate collaborative online project?

So I this is what I want to reflect upon: the impact Twitter has had in my professional learning and the way I collaborate with others through this medium.  But instead of a long-winded blog post on how great and wonderful I think Twitter is, I will represent my collaboration through some key images of my Twitter world.

A screenshot of my current Twitter profile

Me on Twtitter using Discovr People

A screenshot of my Tweetdeck, which I keep open on a separate desktop on my Mac at all times 🙂

These are snapshots of a an online collaboration I am a part of everyday, constantly changing, moving, updating, learning, connecting, geeking, sharing…  So, does this count?