Does Twitter Count?

As I was going over my COETAIL assignments, I realized I was missing one!  Oops!  This reflection is all about collaborative online projects.  I struggled with this since there are so many out there, yet, none of them I’m currently collaborating on.  Not just that, the amount of choice overwhelmed me a bit and I couldn’t think of which one to reach out to for collaboration.  While opening an array of tabs with different projects, I kept on checking back to my Tweetdeck, posting new tweets, responding to tweets, retweeting, adding links, hashtagging… And then it hit me… Aren’t I participating in a collaborative  online project? Isn’t Twitter the ultimate collaborative online project?

So I this is what I want to reflect upon: the impact Twitter has had in my professional learning and the way I collaborate with others through this medium.  But instead of a long-winded blog post on how great and wonderful I think Twitter is, I will represent my collaboration through some key images of my Twitter world.

A screenshot of my current Twitter profile

Me on Twtitter using Discovr People

A screenshot of my Tweetdeck, which I keep open on a separate desktop on my Mac at all times 🙂

These are snapshots of a an online collaboration I am a part of everyday, constantly changing, moving, updating, learning, connecting, geeking, sharing…  So, does this count?

iCollaborate – An interactive wall

Here’s a WMC (Weapon of Mass Collaboration, loving this term!).  I created an interactive wall for “messing around” 🙂  I used Padlet (aka Wallwisher).   Give it try! Let me know if there are any bugs. While you’re using it, think of many ways you could use this to collaborate, learn & share with others.  How can you use this tool in a team meeting? How about your classroom?

Too small for you to type? Click here for the direct link to the wall.