Fly Me to the Moon: My Learning2 Moonshot

The song goes ‘Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars.  Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..’ and then it goes on to say ‘Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more…’ dah-duh daduh daduh.  Oh Sinatra, how I love you.*  The song is beautiful and simple, yet speaks such passion.  A passion that will shoot one to the stars to celebrate spring on lifeless planets.  A passion that will make the impossible, possible.

Learning2.013 in Singapore this past weekend was quite a passionate experience.  Each part of it was something special: The beginning talks, snapshots of how educators are transforming learning in international schools in Asia and other regions; the parts in between with extended sessions and workshops that became spaces to discuss best practice and explore new ideas; and the closing by Jeff Utecht, one of the highlights of this whole experience.  After all was said and done, it was time to ask:  How has this experience rocketed your passion to transform learning, literally, as soon as you get back to your classroom on Monday?  What is your moonshot?

So here it goes.  My moonshot is to create an iTunes U course that houses mini lessons, strategies, and resources accessible to students, parents and teachers; and in turn maximizing my English language learner support, making it fully transparent and available 24/7.  Phew.  That’s a lot of moonshots in one sentence!

You’re probably thinking, an iTunes U course?!  Where is the passion in that?  Well, after attending Dana Watts‘ iTunesU workshop, I realized that the possibilities of maximizing one’s instruction are endless.  Universities like Stanford, Harvard and Oxford, offer free courses through iTunesU to whoever wants to take them!   No ivy league tuition required.  Many powerful educational institutions have flipped their classrooms and lecture halls, and by doing this, they are transforming higher education.  Now, I won’t pretend to be on the same arena as these institutions, but the idea of flipping my practice and transforming the support I give my students, is a huge step.

Empowering students that I seldom get to see due to time constraints or scheduling conflicts, feels like spring on Jupiter.

Sharing best practices and strategies with teachers to support students, feels like playing among the stars.

Reaching out to parents who would otherwise meet/talk/see me once a year during conferences, connecting with them and breaking down language barriers… The impossible, possible.

This is a gamble as this could potentially bring change to how EAL students are supported in our school.  But I’m going around this friggin’ wall and taking a chance. After all, isn’t change the biggest constant in our practice?

Dah-duh daduh,
Fly me to the moon
And let me plaaaay among the stars.
Let me see what spring is like oooon Jupiter and Mars.
Dah-dah dah-dah, daduh daduh

*’Fly Me to the Moon’ was actually written by Bart Howard, but made epic by Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Learning2.013 ~ Story Through the Lense

I put this together just for fun and to practice my mad (newly learned) skills on digital storytelling to get ready for my C3 project 🙂  I wish I could say that I used what I’ve learned in coding as well, and although I’m making headway in the Code Academy, I just realized WordPress does a lot of the coding for me.  But look out for my Scratch project, coming soon to this blog… 😉


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