iShare on Behalf of Brandon Little

My colleague and friend Brandon Little (G4 Teacher, 1:1 facilitator, Reading & Writing Workshop expert), wrote this email to the team today.  I asked if I could share it on my COETAIL site since it is pure, pure genius, an ‘Aha’ moment for many on our staff.  Here is his message, verbatim:

Dear Team,

In the last two months we’ve completely changed the communication paradigm for children. No longer does the old axiom, “Children should be seen, and not heard”, apply. If anything the new axiom for our students is, “Children can be heard, without being seen.”

In the last two months we’ve almost tripled the modes of communication for our learners. On top of individual/small/whole group personalized communication in the classroom and access to email the students now have Message (on iPad), their WordPress blog, and Edmodo accounts. Each of these tools have a mostly unique purpose and mostly unique method for use.

This development has led me to create a chart addressing the different tools they have access to for communicating and reflecting on their learning in and out of school. Mick and talked about having an interactive session in the coming weeks when teachers and students can brainstorm and agree upon the most effective ways and most effective times to use email, messages, wordpress, and edmodo. What we can show them is what a complete and appropriate message looks like. An exemplar, if you will.

Here’s the chart:

I can’t tell you how proud I am to not just share this resource but also of the quality of teachers I get to collaborate with every day.  Thank you Brandon!