iCollaborate – An interactive wall

Here’s a WMC (Weapon of Mass Collaboration, loving this term!).  I created an interactive wall for “messing around” 🙂  I used Padlet (aka Wallwisher).   Give it try! Let me know if there are any bugs. While you’re using it, think of many ways you could use this to collaborate, learn & share with others.  How can you use this tool in a team meeting? How about your classroom?

Too small for you to type? Click here for the direct link to the wall.

Weapons of Mass Collaboration..?

That’s the first time I hear this term.  And I love it.  I’m currently on holiday, on a remote little island in the Philippines, sitting by the ocean, feeling the breeze, hearing the waves, and using a collaboration tool where readers from different parts of the globe will (hopefully) read this post.  This is a perfect example of how learning, sharing & collaboration has evolved in the past few years.  We are indeed in the Collaboration Age.

As I reflect on Will Richardson’s ‘World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others’, I think of the role I’m partaking in this age of collaboration.  As an educator, it’s imperative that I  not only think about it, but that I adapt to it.  How can I become a better ‘connector’ for my students? How can I “model my own editorial skills” while still stick to ‘what should be taught’?  It is all about willingness to share, as Will points out, but it’s seen so rarely.  How can I start? And how can I serve as a model to others?

I’ll start with this:  I will take risks and allow myself to make mistakes.  I will share with others what I’ve experienced, and hope my experiences guide others to achieve their goals.  I will think of my peers and students as collaborators to my learning.  I will use these ‘weapons’ in my favor and see where it takes me.


On my COETAIL blog, I’ll have a category entitled iShare where I will share apps, ways of using devices, and other info you might find interesting and helpful.   Just look in my ‘Categories’ list and click on iShare, you’ll see all the posts with info.

Check out my first iShare on a comment on Margriet Faber’s post about her first COETAIL goal.

eLearning Meets Poetry – Commentary on ‘Leading to Learn’ by Dana Watts

For my first official COETAIL post, I’ve decided on a risky move – comment on the writing of one of the people I admire the most in this field, Dana Watts.  It’s risky for many reasons, but most importantly because I’m not a writer (my sister got those genes), and I really want to get this one right!

On her post entitled Leading to Learn, Dana approaches this whirlwind we are all experiencing.  As teachers, as learners, as teachers of learners who expect all these great things from us, whose apple of appreciation we strive to find on our desks one day, if ever.  And she does this through poetry.  Pure genius.  I should also mention that I had the privilege of being in attendance during this keynote at the Learning 2.0 Conference in Beijing.  Dana was brilliant.  Her words, although few, were powerful… and it made us all think, and reflect, and hope.

I thought about my journey as an educator and how lucky I am to do what I do, especially in these fast-changing times.  For 10 years I’ve enjoyed the triumphs and hardships of being an educator, and I have no regrets.  Dana writes “We are leading to learn, because we believe in it”, and that has never been truer than now.  Our role as teachers 10, 5, even 2 years ago, has been redefined.  We work hard to adapt to the times because we believe in the importance of our role.  We take risks, and we succeed, and we fail.

I reflected on my daily role in students’ lives.  We are leaders of young minds.  We lead others to learn on a daily basis.  But we are still human.  I remember my teachers from school, and I have no doubt that some students will remember me when they are grownups.  And it’s up to me what they will remember.  It’s a huge responsibility  but we take it on.  “Because this is personal – Because I believe in the learning – and continuing to learn even when it hurts”.

And most importantly, Dana’s words made me hope.  I hope that in fact we are creating the schools we want for our learners, and that “we are not paralyzed by the insecurity of change”.  I hope that we strive to lead our own learning in this ever changing world.   And for myself, I hope that I think more about my successes rather than failures, especially when the changes hurt.  I hope that I can be the leader of that change.

Thank you for your words Dana, they are my new creed.


I bet it happened to you as well fellow COETAILer.  The email from Jeff came in to your notifications and you took a deep breath, as I did, and exhaled the words ‘Here we go…’

So here we are.  As Jeff says, we’re in this together.  I’ll start.  My name is Ceci (SEH-SEE), short for Cecilia.  Yup, like the song.  (Bet you won’t be able to get the tune out of your head for the rest of the evening).  I’m currently working at Shekou International School, in China (#SISRocks) as the coordinator of the EAL program, as well as support teacher for grades 4-5 who are currently on 1:1 iPads.  I love my job and I’m passionate about what I do.  And now, the newest addition to my professional passion is COETAIL.  I can’t think of a better way to jump on the fast-moving eLearning train than by doing this course.  I’m excited and can’t wait to go on this journey.

What about you? Who are you and why are you here?  Looking forward to your blogs 🙂

Let the COETAILing begin!