Course 3

“Liz Cho, we’re gonna be here all night.”

“Nope, we’re gonna finish this in the next hour.”

[shake, shake of Ceci’s head]

“Okay, you’re right… we’ll probably be here all night.”


[Opening the second bottle of wine…]

“Well, any other Saturday night, we’d be out and in bed by 12:30, 1:00, right? So… this is the same, except we’re gonna be awesome with our video.”

“Yep, absolutely.”

“We’re such geeks…”


[sipping on wine as they export one video clip from one Mac to the other through a 2008 iPod b/c neither can place a single thumb drive though they both usually have a gazillion…]

[Project start time: 20:15; Project end time: 00:27]

“Ceci, did you upload the wrong video?”

“Oh, sh*#… so sorry.”

[Bahahahahaha… shared laughter, several facetious ‘I hate you’ s, and another upload onto YouTube later…]

[Real end time: 00:44]

Ceci: “If we didn’t live in China, upload time wouldn’t be this long.”

Liz: “Yeah… it’s totally China’s fault… right…”


2 Replies to “Course 3”

  1. Hi Ceci,
    I love that you and Liz worked together on your final project. I think “the COETAIL experience” is enhanced when other people at your school are either in the same course as you or have taken COETAIL. It’s like having immediate family in a larger tribe.

    Maybe one day, Jeff, Kim et al. will open up a COETAIL school and we can all work/collaborate together in paradise and learning utopia ^_^

    See you soon in Course 4!

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