Showcasing to Global Audiences: Empowering ELLs

International schools have one thing in common:  the international demographic.  Learners, both in their staff and student body, come from everywhere in the world.  Classrooms, playgrounds, collaborative spaces, staff rooms are the modern day’s Tower of Babel.  Undeniably this setup is unique since it creates an opportunity for communication in one common language, both socially and academically, regardless of first language background.

For learners from various language backgrounds, learning English within a rigorous curriculum can be quite a challenge. Applying it to show academic knowledge is even more daunting.  However, where ELLs struggle most is in using a language that is not their own to showcase themselves as individuals.  How can ELLs find their identity when they must use a language they were not born to use?  And how can we empower them to find it?

Encased walls of the classroom are a safe space for our ELLs, and using the language can become a somewhat trained and repetitive process.  But  when we open the doors to a global audience, we provide them with the opportunity to view themselves through a wider lens.  

This presentation shows empowering ways in which ELLs can be given the platform to publish and showcase themselves and their work via innovative tools.  I emphasise the use of social media, blogs and podcasts, how one click, one tweet, one post can change the way ELLs see themselves as individuals.

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