From Scratch

I’ll keep this post short and allow my C3 project to speak for itself and tell the story.  But I couldn’t not post about the experience of creating this project.  I’m very proud of the project itself, but making it was some of the funnest times I’ve had on a COETAIL assignment 🙂

It should be noted that it is very overwhelming to start a project from scratch.  Having a set of directions and the freedom to create can become a daunting task with too many ideas bouncing around in ones head.  But more so than the product, the experience of creating is really what will be valuable authentic learning.  During this planning process, there were some standout things that I hope that my students ‘do’ whenever they are creating.

  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.  The product of your project should be something you will be proud of, reflect your creativity and deliver your message.
  • WORK COLLABORATIVELY.  Whether you are making something with a partner, in a group or individually, surround yourself with people whose work you respect and who can help you get your creative juices going.  Working with Liz on our project, a colleague I respect and a friend I love, was certainly the highlight of this process!
  • HAVE FUN.  Use tools that you like and that will reflect your creativity, take your time and create a space where you can focus and enjoy your work.

Can’t wait for what Course 4 has in store!

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